Almost 4 million children in the UK are now living in poverty and are at risk of missing out on basic essentials such as food, clothing and a warm place to live. 

In Manchester alone, the child poverty rates have now (March 2023) increased to over 40%, and in some of the neighbourhoods surrounding us here at the Youth Zone, it’s as high as 60%. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Since we opened our doors we’ve supported over 6,000 young people. We’ve done a lot of work to challenge stereotypes and the stigma attached to young people who come from certain backgrounds and communities. We are providing a new narrative. One that focuses on celebrating the strengths of young people and our communities, rather than focusing on barriers and taking a deficit approach to providing them with support.

We’ve supported thousands of young people by providing someone to talk to, something to aim for and somewhere to go since our doors opened: but we need to raise millions of pounds every year to keep those doors open.

We need your support. Your donation will make an immediate difference to a young person’s life.